The Shadow

Co-production with Miso Film & Makropol

The Shadow

The Shadow is a VR installation based on Operation Carthage, a British Air Raid on Shell House, the Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhagen, in 1945.

Human error resulted in the bombing of the nearby Jeanne d’Arc French School, causing 125 civilian deaths, many of whom were schoolchildren.

The Shadow is a co-production between Makropol (DK), Miso Films (DK) and All Seeing Eye (UK), and has been developed as a companion piece to Ole Bornedal’s new film Shadow in My Eye, a Netflix original production, released in December 2021.

Funded by the Danish Film Institute

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A co-production by Miso Films, Makropol and All Seeing Eye


Directed By
Ole Bornedal
David Adler
Written By
Ole Bornedal
David Adler
Mads Damsbo
Executive Producers
Jonas Allen
Peter Bose
Mads Damsbo
Music by
Marco Beltrami
Buck Sanders
Ceiri Torjussen
Sound Design
Nino Jacobsen
Mads Michelsen
David Segal
VR Production
All Seeing Eye
Art Department and Animation
3D Services

For Miso Film

Niklas Kiær
Peter Bose

For Makropol

Mads Damsbo
Mikkel Skov
Technical Directors
Benjamin Bække
Valdemar Danry
Art Director
Gustav Pontoppidan
Paprika Christiansen
Claudia Bille Stræde

For All Seeing Eye

Creative Technical Director
Ollie Lindsey
Lead Technical Artist
Will Young
Technical Artist
Gabor Papp
Environment Artist
Chris Linington
Unreal Developers
Jason Raval
Owen Rees

For 3D Services

Creative Director
Lars Hemmingsen
Production Manager
Martina Scarpelli
Environment Artist
Michael Tingholm Kristensen
3D Artists
Adam Hovav
Thomas Margaard Sørensen

Animation Team

Animation Lead
Peter Piaget
Animation Supervisor
Peter Smith
Ursula Damgaard
Liv Hansen
Mocap Assistant
Oscar Louw
Anne Hodgers