Immersive Histories: Dambusters

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Immersive Histories: Dambusters

Immersive Histories: Dambusters allows audiences to experience the famous Dambusters raid from multiple perspective on board a Lancaster during the mission.

The experience surrounds the audience with a physical 1:1 reconstruction of the interior of the aircraft, which in conjunction with VR, haptic feedback, hand tracking, and motion captured performance, transports audiences to the skies above the Möhne dam in 1943.

The ten minute ticketed experience is installed at the Royal Air Force Museum in London and has toured the UK.

Developed with historical consultation from the Imperial War Museums and RAF Museum, Immersive Histories: Dambusters is an accurate portrayal of events of Operation Chastise, placing audiences in the position of the Wireless Operator on board G-George; the first aircraft to attack the Möhne dam.

Surrounded with a physical set of the Lancaster interior, audiences are immersed with virtual reality visuals, spatialised audio and haptic feedback, successfully capturing a sense of what it may have been like to experience the historical event first hand.

The prototype & production of Dambusters was supported by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England as a part of CreativeXR.

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Ollie Lindsey
Technical Director
Adam Child
Creative Lead
Olie Kay
Senior Developer
Robin North
3D Environment Artist
Chris Linington
3D Character Artist
James Rutter
Written by
Olie Kay
Kate Jarrett
Sound Design
Gareth Fry
Pole Position Audio
Martin Jowers
Set Design
Oli Cooper
Scenic Constructor
Reis E. Martin
Voice Over
Jay Britton
Sam Deveraux
Aircraft Reference
Piotr Forkasiewicz
Historical Consultants
Robert Owen
Peter Elliot
Andy Renwick
Norman Groom
Funded by
Creative XR, Digital Catapult and Arts Council England