Ripples Of Kindness

Wales Millennium Centre

Ripples Of Kindness

A story of brotherhood, love and positivity, this new communal virtual reality experience is inspired by the stories of Hussein Amiri and his family, who were forced to flee Afghanistan in 2000.

Created in collaboration with Hamed and Hessam Amiri to honour their brother’s incredible life, Ripples of Kindness invites small groups to share in the positive impact that Hussein had on everyone around him, from Afghanistan to Wales.

The experience is centred around the sofra – the living/dining space within the family home where the three brothers and their parents would meet, talk and exchange stories over food. The Amiris welcome you to join them at the sofra to (virtually) meet them and some of the people who came to their aid when they needed it most.

Become immersed in an ever-changing virtual and sensory world which combines text, performance, verbatim recordings, imagery and sound, and truly experience the Amiri family’s stories.

A Wales Millennium Centre and All Seeing Eye production in collaboration with Hamed and Hessam Amiri.

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Ollie Lindsey
Written & Produced by
Ellie Richold
Executive Producer
David Massey
Ahmed Masoud
Technical Director / Lead
Adam Child
Backend Development
Robin North
3D Modelling & Tilt Brush
Rosie Summers
Sound Design
1.618 Digital
Motion Capture
Martin Gunnarsson
Visual Identity (Calligraphy)
Soraya Syed
Set Design
Brad Caleb Lee


Souad Faress
Tiran Aakel
Arian Nik
Moe Bar-El
Zak Ghazi-Torbati

For 1.618 Digital

Sound Design & Spatial Mix
Oliver Kadel
Sound Design
Panos Chountoulidis
Music Score
Cody Martin & Shimmer
Assistant Sound Editor
Chris Procopiou