Draw Me Close

Combining performance, motion capture & VR

Draw Me Close

Draw Me Close imagines the last moment shared between playwright Jordan Tannahill and his mother before her death, as she squeezes his hand, and the deluge of narratives, questions, and revelations contained within that final gesture.

A deceptively simple and human approach to immersive technology allows the audience member to experience life as five-year-old Jordan inside a live, illustrated world. Jordan’s mother is played by an actor whose movements are translated into the virtual world using motion capture while she engages with you in the physical world. Both actor and audience member experience an early childhood memory as they bring it to life.

Draw Me Close is a co-production between the National Theatre and the NFB, in collaboration with All Seeing Eye and developed from illustrations by Teva Harrison.

The experience toured to Tribeca and Venice Film Festivals in 2017 to critical acclaim, before opening for runs at both The Young Vic Theatre (2019) in London and SoulPepper in Toronto (2021).


Directed by
Jordan Tannahill
Executive Produced By
Anita Lee
Toby Coffey
Produced By
David Oppenheim
Johanna Nicholls
VR Production
All Seeing Eye & National Film Board Canada
Sound Design
Gareth Fry
Illustration by
Teva Harrison & Olie Kay
Set Design
Andy Berry & Tom Paris

For All Seeing Eye

Creative Director
Ollie Lindsey
Technical Director
Adam Child
3D Illustrator
Olie Kay
Lead Developer
Robin North
Unity Developers
Paul Johnson
Sam Vickery

For National Film Board Canada

Lead Developer
Lukasz Ruminsky
David Oppenheim
Production Manager
Olivia Amu