All Kinds Of Limbo

National Theatre

All Kinds Of Limbo

All Kinds of Limbo is a communal Virtual, Desktop and Augmented Reality experience featuring Nubiya Brandon & the Nushape Orchestra.

An audience of upto 20 people simultaneously join from anywhere in the world to watch a volumetrically captured performance scored by Raffy Bushman and performed by Nubiya Brandon. During the experience, the audience is able to move around the performance freely to view Nubiya perform from any angle as she takes them on a journey through classical, grime, reggae and calypso.

The ten minute performance was captured volumetrically before other band members and further digital set elements were added.

All Kinds of Limbo debuted at Sundance in January 2020 and went on to show at the Tate, London and IDFA, Amsterdam.

In January 2022 All Kinds of Limbo launched on the Quest AppLab Store, iPhone, Android and Desktop in partnership with Microsoft & for a public world-wide release.


Conceived & Created by
Nubiya Brandon
Toby Coffey
Nubiya Brandon
Raffy Bushman
Musical Supervisor
Marc Tritshler
Sound Design
Gareth Fry
Coral Messam
Costume Design
Lucy Pugh-Bevan
Hair & Makeup
Laura Romain
Shankho Chaudhuri
Tom Paris
Produced By
Johanna Nichols
XR Production
All Seeing Eye
Volumetric Capture
Dimension Studio


Nubiya Brandon
Raffy Bushman
Nushape Orchestra

For All Seeing Eye

Creative Director
Ollie Lindsey
Technical Director
Adam Child
Creative Lead
Olie Kay
Lead Developer
Robin North
AR Developer
Alexander Birke