Connie Harrison / 3 Mobile


Fuel Your Living Room with 5G is a location based augmented reality experience for two people, showcasing potential future applications of Three 5G Mobile Broadband using the Magic Leap One headset.

The three minute experience places guests into the living room of the future, which comes alive with mixed reality content featuring spellbinding 5G particle streams, beautiful fluttering butterflies, a thrilling spaceship dogfight and a drone delivery of a pair of House of Holland boots. Guests are guided through all of this by an advanced and futuristic AI Voice assistant, beamed out from the 5G hub.


Directed by
Connie Harrison
Produced By
Tori Watson
Designed and Developed by
All Seeing Eye

For All Seeing Eye

Creative Director
Ollie Lindsey
Technical Director
Adam Child
Creative Lead
Olie Kay
Paul Burke
Alison Norrington
Lead Developer
Robin North
Game Developer
Alexander Birke
3D Artist
Chris Linington