Seed is a virtual reality game where players can discover, grow and engineer procedural plant life.

Influenced by ‘garage biotech’ from the early 1900s, players are encouraged to grow, hack, hybridise and discover plant life with the intent of solving or in some cases intentionally causing problems based on real world scenarios.

The game immerses the player into a visually stunning environment, using hand tracking to allow players to craft unique and beautiful plants which grow quickly before their eyes.

Seed is written and developed by All Seeing Eye in collaboration with Helen Anne Curry, and funded by Developing Beyond, a $500,000 year-long development competition by Epic Games and Wellcome in which teams create new games IP using Epic’s Unreal Engine.

A playable alpha was presented at the Developing Beyond semi-final event at Develop:Brighton in July 2017 where the game was selected to be taken forward as one of the 3 finalists.

Following the game’s progression to the last round of the challenge and the award of further funding, Seed will continue to be developed for the next 6 months before final judging takes place in February 2018.

A plant growing

Plant Breeding 101

It’s so simple!

  1. Pick your seed

    Select from a range of seeds in the Seed Bank. Each one will procedurally grow when planted

  2. Bio-hack it

    Use the Hybridiser to mix the attributes of your seed with another. Or mutate it with chemicals or radiation

  3. Pot your creation

    Throw the seed in a pot and cover it with soil. Or forget about the pot and grow directly on the workbench

  4. Feed and water it

    Add water and turn on the Grow Lamp…

  5. Watch it grow!

    Watch your customised procedural plant grow before your eyes!

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