My Name is Peter Stillman

VR storytelling for Paul Auster’s City of Glass

My Name is Peter Stillman

My Name is Peter Stillman is a virtual reality experience created to accompany City of Glass, a stage production inspired by Paul Auster’s celebrated first novel. Sitting in a detailed reconstruction of the apartment from the production, viewers watch themselves delivering a powerful monologue in their own reflection of a nearby window.

In the experience the viewer’s reflection dynamically mirrors their own movements as hand-drawn animation spreads across their face and the environment, distorting the line between reality and fiction as the strange and haunting story of Daniel Quinn unfolds.

My Name is Peter Stillman was commissioned by 59 Productions and supported by The Space. The VR experience toured with the production to HOME, Manchester in February 2017 and the Lyric, Hammersmith in London in April 2017 before being showcased at Venice Film Festival.

In addition to the VR experience we also developed an innovative real time face tracking projection mapping system which was to be to be used as part of the theatrical performance.